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Gynaecomastia – Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Gynaecomastia (sometimes referred to as “man boobs”) is a common benign condition in which males develop female like breasts of varying sizes. Gynaecomastia Surgery in Lucknow performed by Dr Nikhil Puri.

Most common cause for Gynaecomastia is Idiopathic. It can also be caused by


Old Age

Testis : Hypogonadism, Klinefelter syndrome
Adrenal: Cushing’s syndrome, CAH
Thyroid: Hypothyroid, Hyperthyroid
Pituitary: Pituitary failure


Systemic diseases
Renal failure

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Drug Induced
Hormones: Estrogens, Androgens
Cardiovascular drugs: Amiodarone, Digoxin, Nifedipine
Abused Drugs: Alcohol, Heroin, Marijuana

This condition leads to a lot of psychological stress sometimes even affecting their day-to-day activities like resist going out with friends, not able to wear desired clothes and avoiding outdoor activities like swimming. It is most common in teenage boys and young adults.

Many people suffering from gynaecomastia have actually being battling this condition for a while before reaching to a Plastic Surgeon.

A thorough medical history and clinical check-up is required to get results in the most effective manner after the procedure.

Male Breast Reduction
Male breast reduction surgery reduces overly developed male breasts and nipples using liposuction and/or by surgically removing excess glandular tissue provide a masculine chest appearance. Liposuction is done through small key hole incisions to remove the fatty tissue and the remaining glandular tissue is removed by giving small incision around the areola which is well concealed.

This is an outpatient procedure.

Either general anesthesia is used or intravenous sedation and local anesthesia are used.
Approximately one to three hours depending upon the grade and whether one or both sides.

Possible Side Effects
Temporary bruising, swelling, numbness, soreness, and/or a burning sensation are possible.

Infection, fluid build-up, injury to the skin, rippling or looseness of the skin, asymmetry, pigmentation changes, excessive scarring if tissue was cut away, loss of nipple sensation, contour irregularities and in some instances the need for a second procedure to remove additional tissue is required.

Post op care & Recovery
Patient is made to wear a pressure garment.
The patient may go back to work after seven days. More strenuous activity may be resumed after two to three weeks. Most of the swelling and bruising will disappear after three to six months.

Permanent, although subsequent weight gain may cause the breast area to once again become larger.

Gynaecomastia surgery in Lucknow is becoming increasingly popular because of the surgery being available as a minimally invasive procedure which decreases the downtime and get a more contoured and firm look of the chest and regain the confidence.

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